"TUI calling the future" - The Hackathon at TUI.com


Recently, the time had come again for five days of “TUI an Zukunft“ (eng.: “TUI calling the future”) at TUI.com! The fourth internal Hackathon – incidentally, a portmanteau of the words ‘hack’ and ‘marathon’ -  was dedicated to jointly developing new software approaches and testing new technologies.

All TUI.com colleagues had been invited to submit their ideas in the run-up to the event, focusing on some customer benefit. A total of ten teams joined the initiative, leaving their day-to-day business behind in order to deal with a wide range of different topics.

To name but a few examples: One of the teams dealt with Alexa skills and worked on the idea of facilitating customer searches for trips and deals based on voice control. Another team developed “TUI Insights“, an internal tool for the collection and evaluation of customer feedback. The biggest team dealt with the blockchain: In cooperation with TUI Destination Services, it developed a component enabling secure communication between providers and customers in the provision of excursion offers.

Incidentally: Frank Rosenberger, member of TUI Group’s Executive Board in charge of IT and New Markets, also joined the Hackathon to peer over the teams’ shoulders.

At the end of an inspiring week characterised by a relaxed atmosphere, enthusiasm and the mutual willingness to learn from each other, the teams presented their results amidst great applause. Some of topics will soon be included in our day-to-day business activities.