TTUI Hotels & Resorts Team wins “Greenfield Project of the year” at Snowflake Summit

TUI Hotels & Resorts Team wins “Greenfield Project of the year” at Snowflake Summit


We are happy and proud to announce that our Hotels & Resorts Team has been awarded as best Greenfield Project in EMEA by Snowflake

CIO Magazin im Interview mit Elke Reichart

When the Blockchain distributes hotel rooms – Elke Reicharts Interview with the CIO Magazine


In the May/June edition of CIO Magazin you can read how we leverage artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud technologies to build new platforms for

TUI @ re:publica

Re:publica - TUI at Europes largest digital conference


For the first time, TUI was a partner of the digital conference re:publica, which took place under the motto tl;dr ("

Elke Reichart im TUI Store Lister Meile

Back to the floor: Elke Reichart as intern for one day in the TUI Store


Elke Reichart, Chief Digital Officer TUI Group and CEO TUI InfoTec, recently visited the TUI Store Lister Meile in Hanover to get an impression of the work in the travel agency and to get to know

Elke Reichart auf der AWS Summit in Berlin

An AWSome Event – Elke Reichart speaks at AWS Summit in Berlin


Our Chief Digital Officer Elke Reichart spoke to 4,000 IT experts at the AWS Summit in Berlin in February. Elke Reichart appeared as a guest speaker at the keynote of Werner Vogel,

Big Data at TUI


Big Data has also found its way into TUI – and that in many ways! The classic 3 Big Data V's - Volume, Variety and Velocity - can be found

Feierliche Verleihung der Stipendiums-Urkunde

We welcome our new scholarship holders from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover


We, TUI InfoTec, are now supporting the “WIR scholarship” for the second year in a row and are thus supporting two students from Faculty 4 Business & Computer Science at


TUI "IT-Landscape" reloaded: Office 365


In the coming weeks, extensive improvements will take place in the TUI "IT landscape". In line with the trend towards digitisation, TUI will create the basis for better customer

OFFIZIELLER AKT: Rektor Jens Bormann (links), Sarah Hildebrand (InfoTec GmbH) und Günter Hirth (IHK) haben die Kooperationsvereinbarung in der Realschule Misburg unterschrieben.

New Year. New cooperation. Vocational orientation in the Realschule Misburg.


We are very happy about the cooperation with the Realschule Misburg, for which we signed a cooperation agreement in December 2018.


#Hiring karaoke: Application training at the BBS Burgdorf


We, Sarah Hildebrand, HR Consultant at TUI InfoTec and Caroline Schmitz, HR Consultant at TUI Deutschland, visited BBS Burgdorf.


"TUI calling the future" - The Hackathon at


Recently, the time had come again for five days of “TUI an Zukunft“ (eng.: “TUI calling the future”) at! The fourth

IT und Touristik

»Alexa! Tell me what I want«


Alexa, what's new?

Every evening for the last week, the Smith family have been sitting around the dinner table together. It’s time

Application Programming Interface


“In the increasingly digital world of today, it is a requirement to communicate between computer systems in a structured and well-defined way. It should be quick and easy to combine existing parts

Cloud Technology


"TUI's infrastructure is currently spread over more than 20 of its own managed data centres. Maintenance and complexity are very high and the infrastructure is not available on

Blockchain as Enabler for TUI


The tourism industry, like many other industries, is in a state of constant change. On the one hand, it is a constantly growing market, so that not only the number of customers,