New Year. New cooperation. Vocational orientation in the Realschule Misburg.

OFFIZIELLER AKT: Rektor Jens Bormann (links), Sarah Hildebrand (InfoTec GmbH) und Günter Hirth (IHK) haben die Kooperationsvereinbarung in der Realschule Misburg unterschrieben.

We are very happy about the cooperation with the Realschule Misburg, for which we signed a cooperation agreement in December 2018.

The topic of career orientation is particularly important to us in order to support pupils on their way into working life, especially when you look at today's world of work with an unmanageable number of training and career opportunities. How could this be better than by cooperating with a very committed school? In addition to information days and company internships, the pupils are also to be supported, for example, by job application training in preparation for interviews and assessment centres.

In the search for a cooperation partner, the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry actively supported us and established contact with the Misburg secondary school. The IHK is also involved in the implementation and organises various offers and activities for the pupils. On the part of the IHK many cooperations between companies and schools have already been concluded, for us it is the first cooperation of this kind. All the more we are looking forward to an exciting year and a good cooperation with the Realschule Misburg.

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